Jackrabbit Junction — Hole #4: Par 5

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If you can use a high tee and blast your drive out to the second fairway, it’s certainly best — here’s a wide-open 7-wood hole-out from there.  Even from the back box, a high-teed drive can many times carry over.  Staying to the left is a plus too, since a cactus guards the right side after you land.  If you barely clear, you may have to curve your approach shot around it.

Otherwise, you need to finesse a drive towards the end of the first fairway, leaving yourself room to hit through the cactus gap towards the green.  The less accurate your drive, the tougher your approach shot will be.  This drive ended up in a great spot for a 3-wood hole-out.  This driver shot came with some risk but was lined up perfectly to split the cacti and find the hole.

Finally, there’s another layup spot in this fairway before it juts left — this drive found it and had a nice 3-wood into the hole.


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