Sequoia Grove — Hole #7: Par 4

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From the middle-right box, there’s room to work a shot just inside the last tree — here’s an outstanding 5-wood ace from that setup.  And here’s a 4-wood that used the rough to land and find a pin on the right edge.  Finally, this 2-hybrid used a skip with backspin to find the cup!

You should also be able to work a shot through there from the front or back box.  This 5-wood was perfectly-played from the back box to a right pin.  This low-teed 3-wood skipped the water and found the hole — an amazing shot!

From the middle-left box, look up — there should be a small gap you can shoot through towards the green.  This high-teed 5-wood got through there.  If things go bad, you still might be well entertained — turn up the sound on this one.

This gap can also apply to other boxes where the curve around shot is very difficult — here’s a high-teed 5-wood floated on and in from the back box.

Nothing wrong with laying up on a tough setup, though — here’s an example hole-out from the fairway.


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