Shady Acres — Hole #16: Par 5

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A good option many times off the tee here is to rotate right and look for a little grassy outlet jutting from the right out into the water.  You can play a small cut into this area to give yourself an open approach shot with a wood.

Curving an A1 shot off the tee often still leaves you with a very difficult approach where you’ll have to curve a C3 iron into the green.  This one got it done to a right pin.

If you try to drive straight ahead, you  may have this happen (left tree).  You can actually hit out of here sometimes as a playable lie for the time being and still potentially save your eagle!  Other times, though, it’s unplayable, so I don’t think this is something you want to plan for.

If you drop down somewhere in the area and have an opening, that gives you an approach at the green.  With the wind blowing left to help out, this approach found the cup.  This one from the rough also got it done.


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