Turtle Island — Hole #11: Par 5

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Unless the wind will be strong in your face on the approach (and maybe even then), you can lay up straight ahead in the fairway in line with the lava pit on the left.  This should leave an open driver approach into the green — here’s an example hole-out.

Or, you can take the traditional approach if you are able to put a huge drive out past the lava guarding the fairway.  Here’s a 3-wood hole-out from the rough in front of there.  And here’s a 5-wood from the fairway.

This drive found the sand by the water, but plenty of distance was had to hole-out from there!

Finally, you can curve anywhere from a 5-wood or a high-teed 3-wood around the trees and to the landing area straight ahead.  In front of the lave lakes, there’s a ditch where the ball can settle, giving you an open approach shot to the green most times.  There are a couple trees down there, and if you end up too far left in that ditch, your approach could be impeded.



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