Turtle Island — Hole #9: Par 5

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Put your drive down in the fairway close to the lava to give yourself a driver straight in over the trees on your approach — here’s an example hole-out.

If your drive comes up short and/or you need more distance because you’re around 350 out, then play a big C3 driver shot as your approach into this green.  A full cut wasn’t needed here for this one to find the cup.

You may also be able to lay up out to the left in the rough to avoid the issue with the fairway neck, as seen in this example hole-out.

Even if you go long here, the rough in the back of the green is quite friendly and accommodates putts in many instances, as seen here.


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  1. I hit a double eagle on this hole for 35432 GSP’s last week. It is uploaded to youtube. It was not a full cut either and needed some roll.

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