Desert Valley — Hole #4: Par 5

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From the back box, the play is to lay up at the short-right corner of the fairway.  Ideally, you have enough distance to hit a 3-wood over the trees for an eagle putt.  Here’s another dunk to a right pin.  Or, if you have the Howitzer driver, it can help elevate over the top as well…check out this dunk!

Other times, you’ll have to cut a driver around the left of the trees.  This driver cut too early but missed all the trees and ended up in the hole!  This driver went around the trees and backspun into the cup.  And using the water skip assist, here’s another taking a more extreme angle.

From the front box, you can also blast a drive way down the right side of the fairway to give you a straight driver into the green.  You may still have to play a small cut around the trees anyway — check out this great driver to a back-right pin.  If you are too far away, you can play an A1 cut shot to add distance and perhaps hope to skip the water if needed.

Finally, check out the lucky charms in the desert out to the right!
desert hole 4 charms


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