Rocky Hollow — Hole #16: Par 5

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Many options off the tee here, so your lay up spot will likely depend on the wind and tee box given.

One good option is to play level with the sand jutting out to the right, to the far right edge of the fairway.  This can give you from a 3-wood to a 6-wood over the hill into the green.  Check out this great 6-wood deflection that found the hole!  And this 3-wood was also a bit off target but got a nice bounce also to find the hole.

From a bit farther up the right side, this 6-wood caught the hill on the way up but had enough to find the green and the hole.  And this 7-wood had some nice little cut to find a front pin.

If you have a 9-wood, you can play more to the left, just over the sand running sideways in the fairway.  Here’s a 9-wood over the top from there!

Finally, there’s a lay-up spot left of the sand that gives you a 3/4/5-wood over the top — check out this amazing shot that dripped down into the cup!  And here’s another one with the 3-wood.

This 5-wood did not have enough loft but caught a couple crazy deflections to find the hole!


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