Rocky Hollow — Hole #2: Par 4

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The second hole offers a great chance at eagle as long as you can avoid the rocky overhang on the left during your approach.  That shouldn’t be a problem if you use anything loftier than a driver.  Here’s a 3-wood ace straight at a right pin.

A driver (especially low-teed) can get under the overhang and may be a play especially if the pin is on the left and there is a headwind.  This driver caught a couple incredible deflections to find a center cup!  This one curved around left and under and got a nice little hop into the hole.

Or, with a front pin, you can curve it right-to-left with backspin — check out this great 3-wood ace.

This 3-wood is just ridiculous — follow all the bounces and deflections into the cup!  And this driver takes an incredible ride along the rocky road before finding the cup!


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