Rocky Hollow — Hole #8: Par 4

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From the left box, a skilled shot up, around, and down to the green behind the hill should be required to give you a chance at eagle on this drivable par 4.  However, the hill is often accommodating to harder-hit shots that can bounce up, over, and down to the green.

Here’s a 4-wood curved around the left but then off the top of the hill to find the hole.

If you don’t want to mess with curves and angles, just play the wind and hit a 3-wood into the appropriate spot on the hill to let it bounce up and over.  This actually works pretty well.  Check out this 3-wood shot straight at the hill that bounces all the way up, over and down into the cup!

Finally, here’s a 5-wood straight over the right side to a right pin.  This 5-wood caught the mountain but shot straight up and down for the deflection dunk!

There is a bit of room around the right side too, especially with a left-blowing wind…see how this 3-wood went around the right side to backspin into the cup.

From the back center box, there’s not much issue clearing the mountain if you hit it firmly.  Here’s a high-teed over the top that finds the hole.  And here’s a nice 3-wood ace with the UFO providing scenery!


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  1. Has anyone seen the UFO Abduction of a pink shirted female by aliens on the new rocky hollow course on GT Android?

  2. It’s to the right behind the hill where the arches begin on I think hole #14? IRS the hole with 2 boxes to the from that are separate and then you have to get past 2 huge rock arches. Green is past and to the left. But the other side of the course has a UFO on your minimap that shows up as a small white circle. When you hit over by it you will see 3 aliens standing around a female laying on her back in a pink shirt and white pants floating in a cone of light under a floating flying saucer..

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