Sparkling Waters — Hole #18: Par 4

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Just requires a bit of loft and backspin to hold the green.  Don’t clip the rock or you’ll ricochet into the water as well.  The green is as bad as it gets in terms of slope, so don’t be too frustrated if you two-putt.  You can also try to prevent a downhill rollover by sticking the far side of the green for an uphill putt.  By playing safe, you should come away with a birdie at worst here!

From the back box, this 3-wood carried the hill, stopped with spin, and settled into a right pin.  And this 5-wood one-hopped off the rock into a right pin!  This 3-wood with bite settled nicely into a back-left pin, for a pretty decent score.  And check out the great cut on this 4-wood to settle into a right pin.

Check out this 5-wood that came up short, barely held up on the rock because of the tailwind, and crept back down into the hole!


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