Antelope Pass — Hole #14: Par 5

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Any hole that gives you a chance at double eagle is a lot of fun, and this par 5 sets up to be driveable every time!  If you know you can clear the mountains, there’s no harm missing the green, and at worst you should have a DE chip, so it’s worth a try.  The 5-wood carries much farther than you might think!

From the front-right box, you can rotate right once and cut a wood into the green…this high-teed 5-wood caught the mountain bounce with a perfect deflection into a front pin!  This one carried the green to find the cup.  This 6-wood also curved around to find the hole.  Here’s another 6-wood that carried enough to use backspin to suck into the cup.  With a tailwind, even a high-teed 9-wood may have enough to just go straight at it!

From the back box, you can take pretty straight aim with a high-teed 5-wood (or in most cases a high-teed 4W works too).

Or, you can rotate right and cut a high-teed 3-wood over/through the mountains into the green…check out this great bounce at the end for the super albatross!  This high-teed 4W landed cleanly with a bit of spin back for another one.

For those newer players who choose to lay up to the left, here’s a fun driver with a couple crazy bounces to find the hole!


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