Antelope Pass — Hole #16: Par 5

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Your tee box will determine how far down the fairway you can get your drive, and as you can guess, the farther, the better.  From the back boxes, you can often play it save and hammer a high-teed driver straight ahead over the mountain, leaving you a straight or slightly-curved shot into the green with a wood.

If you are back far enough, you can still take a wood over the corner of the mountain to the green — check out this 4-wood dunk.

If the wind is blowing right, you can consider turning left a couple times and playing a big A1 drive to the left side of the fairway, where you’ll have enough distance for your approach.

Finally, you can lay up in the right outlet of the fairway towards the green, at the front edge of it.  From here, a 4 or 5-wood can clear the mountain and go straight at the green.  This shot is difficult into a headwind, though.


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