Elkhorn Ridge — Hole #8: Par 4

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From the back-middle box, this high-teed 7-wood cut around and over for the ace.  This high-teed 6-iron didn’t have enough to clear cleanly but still bounced forward, down and into the cup!  And this medium-teed 9-wood also didn’t clear cleanly but got the perfect bounces into the hole.

From the left box, it’s nice to have a 9-wood in the bag that you can tee high and take straight over the top especially with a headwind.  However, this high-teed 7-iron cleared the top and found the hole!  This high-teed 8-iron also cleared and had enough distance to reach the cup.  This high-teed 6-iron didn’t have enough to clear cleanly but got some nice bounces down into the cup!

Otherwise, you can cut a shot around the mountain with backspin to hold the green.  It’s uphill, so you’ll usually need to either club up or high-tee to carry the green.

From the right box, you’ll have the easiest time with your approach…this 7-wood went straight at a right pin for the ace.  However, with a left pin, you still may want to cut around your approach…check out this great 8-wood cut into a left pin!


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