Hawthorne Manor — Hole #18: Par 4

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The center box is usually the most challenging here since you have to be so precise to miss the tower and stick the green.  The wind and pin placement should determine which side you shoot around.  It’s ideal to play around the opposite side of the pin so you can backspin towards it upon landing the green.

However, a hard-blowing wind to one side or the other should entice you to play with that wind instead of trying to cut into it with so narrow room for error.  You’ll have a longer putt upon sticking the green, but it’s still an eagle putt!

From the center box with a tailwind, this 5-wood was lucky to bounce into a back cup.  This 4-wood was a nice play around the left side to a right pin. This 4-wood goes around the right to a left pin.  Here’s a bigger cut around the right for an ace.  And here’s an incredible 5-wood shot into a front pin!  This 3-wood with bite went around the right side and found a center pin.

From the left and right boxes, this hole is much more manageable.  From the left box, this 5-wood finds a back pin.


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