Winding Pines — Hole #11: Par 5

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Several options here, some good and some bad.

Perhaps the best option is to cut through the trees into the area straight ahead towards the green, landing in the rough for hopefully an open shot at the green…as long as you clear through the trees there is open rough area in front of it before the water.  This option is there unless you have a strong headwind and bad tee box.  Here’s a hole-out from there.  Here’s another one from a bit farther up.

Next, you can cut something like a 3-4-wood around the left to the other fairway shortcut spot, which leaves a much straighter approach into the green.

Also, you can land the shortcut fairway spot straight ahead, but it always leaves a challenging approach shot because of the tricky curve around and through the sets of trees.

Finally, you can sometimes carry the main fairway out right to bring a long approach around for eagle.  Here’s a driver through the gap to a back pin.


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