Winding Pines — Hole #18: Par 4

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This is a great finishing hole with all kinds of options, high and low.  You’ll need to read the situation to know what’s best to use with the various setups.

With a left pin, you can go over the top with a headwind, or even around left with a right wind.  Other times it’s a low-teed shot from right to left with backspin to hold the green for a putt.

Same thing in reverse for a right pin.

Back center pins are the easiest, as you just need to stick the center of the green for a chance…this can be straight through with a low shot or over the top with a high shot, but there’s more green to work with.  From the center box, this 0-hybrid punched through and one-hopped into the hole!

From the front-left box, this high-teed 7-wood cleared the trees and bounced up nicely for an ace!


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