Winding Pines — Hole #8: Par 5

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From the left box, you can always ram a drive far out in the fairway semi-close to the stream to give yourself a good approach into the green.

From the right box, your tee shot may depend on the wind.  It’s still usually best if you can get your drive out to the left fairway for an easier approach.

Many times from this box you’ll need to rotate right and play to the layup island.  Find the wood that works best for you here — I really like a high-teed 4-wood when I have to play out here.  You’ll then have a 3W or driver into the green, potentially needing to avoid some trees on the approach.

Also know that the fringe slopes off the green on this hole, so if you find yourself there, you’ll want to chip rather than putt.


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