Juniper Falls — Hole #13: Par 5

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With a tailwind like the one shown in this picture, this green can be drivable or close to it.  There’s a stream by the green that could swallow an approach, but it may be fun to give it a try with a straight blast or a curved A1 through the mountains.  Here’s a gigantic A1 high-teed 3-wood that carries the green!

My favorite option is the right side of the fat part of the fairway about 170 yards ahead or so.  It slopes up so it’s easy to land, so there’s no risk off the tee, and you’ll never need more than a 3-wood into the green, which will clear the mountain.  Here’s a 3W hole-out over the right side to a back-right pin.

The bottom of the fairway to the left offers a couple approach options…here’s a 3-wood hole-out from there.

The main fairway with a huge drive can work since this hole is not too long.

There’s also an option to the right up in the mountains.  A 3-wood off the tee by clicking one right has a settle area that can offer a nice approach.

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