Juniper Falls — Hole #16: Par 5

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There’s a ramp on this hole that could propel your ball onto the green if you get lucky — here’s one of the most incredible aces you’ll ever see!  It’s also the longest ace in GT YouTube history!  Here’s another one that almost finds the hole.  You can get the ramp sometimes from that left box shown in the pic with an out wind and a big medium-teed C3 driver with roll.

From the far center of the fairway, here’s a hole-out to a front pin.  From farther back, here’s another hole-out to a front-left pin.

Another optional landing area on this short par 5, especially with the farthest back-left box, is to the left in front of the sand, where you’ll find flatter ground.  Here’s a 5-wood hole-out from there.  With a headwind and a right pin, you can even play the fairway past the hole and let it bounce back!


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