Juniper Falls — Hole #4: Par 5

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You’ll have a few different options off the tee here.  Best place to be if you can get there is the top left landing area towards the green — here’s a drive that just held on.  It’s notable that if you trickle down left, you’ll still have a fine approach to the green.

However, that spot is just too risky to attempt and not necessary.  You should be looking at the large center landing area…it’s very easy to stick off the tee and you’ll have enough loft/distance to get to the green straight over the hill.  From that landing spot, this 3-wood did have enough loft to clear the hill and find the hole.

From the farthest-right landing area, here’s a 3-wood hole-out.

By laying up back a ways in the left fairway, here’s a 5-wood cut around that finds the cup.

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