Sandy Reef — Hole #15: Par 4

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It can be tough to get on this green in 1 but at least there are forgiveness areas around the green if you miss in the right spot!  A tailwind means you can high-tee a 3/4-wood over the right side of the trees at the green (check out this 4-wood ace), and other setups may allow a high-teed high-loft driver over the top as well — check out this ace!  Here’s another one from a different angle.

Other setups allow a driver cut around the left side that can skip onto the green.  Don’t feel bad about laying up left with a bad wind.  Check out this driver skip with backspin to a center pin.  Here’s another that just missed the trees to find a right pin.  And one more well-played skip shot to find a back-right pin.

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