Teal Gardens — Hole #14: Par 5

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I don’t know if I condone this hole being drivable, but someone did it — check out this giant high-teed driver from the back box that bounces on!

From the center box, this high-teed 3-wood almost hung on for a DE putt.  And this high-teed turbo driver almost found the hole!

Without the turbo, this high-teed 3W made its way through the trees and bounced onto the green for the DE putt!  And this high-teed driver shot straight at the trees left of the green also found its way through!  Finally, this high-loft, high-teed driver did carry around to the green and find the hole for the ace!

Otherwise, the far-right fairway is a nice place to be, but it can also be an unnecessary risk.  The shortcut circle straight ahead over the trees is easy to land and will give you an open approach shot.

You can also lay out left and potentially avoid a tee if you leave enough loft…here’s a 7-wood hole-out straight over the trees.

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