Teal Gardens — Hole #3: Par 4

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From all boxes, a high-teed wood with perhaps a bit of cut can go over/around the left straight at the green…anywhere from an 8-wood to a 5-wood depending on the setup.  There are also cut shot options that offer a chance to use backspin, but the tricky green and steep sandy drop-off make this a tough early eagle.

From the front box, this 6-wood cut around to a front pin.  And this 5-wood cut around to a back pin.  From the back of this box, a high-teed 6-wood can go over the left side to a back pin!  This high-teed 8-wood cut over the trees to a front pin.

From the back of the second box, this high-teed 5-wood went straight over to dunk in a front pin!  Even a medium-teed 5-wood can clear the center gap between the trees so you can use backspin if needed.

NOTE — this hole changed from the beta version.

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