Teal Gardens — Hole #9: Par 4

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From the center box, take aim at the green…your wood will have plenty of loft.  Here’s a 5-wood ace to a front pin.  And here’s a 3-wood with backspin.  This 6-wood also had enough to clear and spin back to a front pin.

Be careful with a front pin, as you’ll still want to make sure you hit far enough to clear the gong…this can inhibit you being too aggressive since you can’t as easily drop a shot into the front of the green.  Check out this 4-wood with some cut that fell too early but got amazing deflections to find the hole!

From the left box, it’s usually best to cut around the left side with backspin over the water to hold the green.  Here’s a great 4-wood cut around the left side to a right pin.  This driver took a straighter approach but still avoided the building on its way around left to find a right pin!  If you try to cut around the right side, you may not have enough loft to clear the gong guarding the approach!  If that’s the case, why not bounce UNDER it like this incredible shot!

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