Mayfield — Hole #15: Par 5

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There are several options here off the tee, but you should be looking for one you can land comfortably while staying away from the tall grass growing on the edges that could knock down your approach.

From the island to the right, always the best option from the traditional tee boxes, here’s a nice driver hole-out.

Newer tee boxes out left don’t allow you to hit this layup spot off the tee, so the next best option is the island to the left, staying away from the bush.

If the wind is blowing right, towards the green, you may also be able to blast a huge drive into the left fairway, allowing a driver approach into the green.  Don’t try this if the wind is in your face, though, because you may be 380 yards or so away still and can’t get there.

You can hit to the center fairway strip, but it’s the riskiest shot there is and is often best avoided.

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