Mayfield — Hole #16: Par 4

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From the front box, this 6-wood hops up into a left-center pin.

From the back box, this driver settles into a center pin.

And my goodness, did this hole get challenging with the new tee boxes.  There’s one in the center, but they’ve also added one left and right tucked behind trees.

From the left box, it’s closer and may call for something like a 6W cut into the green…that is, if the wind isn’t blowing straight right.  If it is, and you have a 0-hybrid in your bag, then you can low-tee that club right under the tree straight at the green…hit it firm and you’ll still have enough elevation to clear and stick the green for an eagle putt!

From the right box, it’s longer and very beneficial to have a 0-hybrid in your bag as well to take straighter aim at the green and shoot under/slightly around the tree.  Or, check out this low-teed driver, which somehow stays under the tree to go right at it!  But if you don’t have this club and the wind looks nasty, try to find a layup spot for birdie instead of getting wet and taking par.

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