Mayfield — Hole #2: Par 5

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There are a couple layup spots here in case you can’t clear the water to the second fairway.

First, you can turn right and play over the house/trees with something like a 5-wood…you’ll land in a front yard and be shooting over a truck into the green.  The yard is outlined with a rectangular shade of green and is to the right of the house, which itself is to the right of its pool.  Stay back away from the truck and you have a nice approach.  This one was challenging but somehow went around the pole and missed the tree to find the cup!

Another option is to go left, long of the main fairway over the fence into another grassy area that gives you an open shot between a couple obstacles right into the green.  This is one of the best options from the newer tee boxes and with the different pin placements to the left of the green.

Also from the newer tee boxes, you can sometimes carry your drive out to the second fairway for a clean approach.

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