Mayfield — Hole #8: Par 4

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Most tee boxes have you going around the right side, either high or low hoping to avoid the water into the green.  The back-left box may be the one where you can go either side.    Let the setup and wind determine what’s easiest, but when in doubt, go around the left side since you won’t be needing to clear any water on the approach!

From the front-left box, here’s a nice 3-wood cut around the right side to a right pin.

From the back-left box, here’s a driver beauty around the left side that finds the cup.  Here you may also have an option to play around the right side, especially if the wind is helping that way…check out this low-teed driver skipped onto the green for an ace.

From the back-right box, this driver hopped over the stream and spun into the hole for an ace.  While the trees seem daunting by the green, there’s more air in there than you may think.  And even if you do happen to catch some leaves, you’ll be right by the green anyway.  With that said, it’s not bad to try to curve one straight into the green as well.  Check out this high-teed driver that finds a center pin.

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