Mystic Hills — Hole #5: Par 4

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Three different tee boxes here, with the front-left being the easiest as it’s usually a high-teed 4W or 5W pretty straight over the top at the green.  From there, this high-teed 5W floats over the top to find the cup.

From the front-right, you may have to play a bit of cut into the green, but it’s about the same club.

An alternative to a high tee is to use a medium tee with backspin and aim for the downslope on the back-end of the hill…you’re trying to have the ball trickle down onto the green and settle for a putt.

The back box appears shut down – I’ll let you know if anyone has found a way to drive the green from here.  That pesky group of trees blocks your path to the green and you can’t curve it around the right into the green because of the water and elevation.  It doesn’t look like any club has both the height and distance to go straight over, and the angle isn’t there to curve around the trees up into the gap on the hill where you play from the front boxes.

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