Rhineland — Hole #14: Par 4

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A 3-hybrid is a great club to have here — check out this nice one through the tunnel that finds the hole!  You can get away with more height than you might think here…a 5-hybrid is fine and works well with certain distances, but a low-teed 6-wood also clears if the distance calls for it.  With a headwind, you can club up and tee down…check out this low-teed 3-wood curved through for an ace.

With longer clubs such as drivers, you can even attempt bank shots off the wall — check out this driver deflection for an incredible ace!  Here’s another perfect bank shot.  Over time I think this has been the most consistent shot to try, where you aim for the wall towards the end of the tunnel to bounce down.

With the perfect wind, it appears as if an 8/9-wood might be able to curl around the left of the mountain into the green as an alternate approach…this high 9W did indeed find the green for an eagle putt.

With the newer tee boxes, different strategies come into play.  If the wind is blowing right, you can cut a high-teed wood around the left side of the hill into the green.  It’s tougher to bank a shot through the tunnel from back here, so you’ll otherwise need to practice your low-lofted cut shots through the tunnel here.

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