Safari Dunes — Hole #8: Par 4

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You can go over or under here depending on what clubs are in your bag, and this hole should be a consideration when choosing your club set.

Be careful trying to go under here, even though it’s inviting.  Even a low-teed 290 driver might not be low enough.  From the back box, here’s a low-teed 300 driver that just got under to find the hole for an ace.  From farther back, this low-teed 310 driver also finds the cup.

A 0-hybrid is a great club to have here for closer looks so you can still keep it low with the correct distance!  A low-teed 0-bird even skips the water when hit hard straight ahead.

There can be a look over the top in certain conditions…check out this high-teed 6-wood that dunks for the ace!

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