Agave Ranch — Hole #1: Par 4

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Rare setups make this hole drivable.  Also check out this ramp that was discovered by using a low-teed 8.5 driver with Razors that shot up straight ahead by the green!

Otherwise just choose a spot in the fairway to safely avoid the sand for your approach, which is slightly uphill.  After laying back in the fairway straight with the wind, here’s a hole-out to a front pin.  After a long drive, this wedge dunks for the ultra shot.

There’s a new box to the left but it still can be worth trying a C3 driver with roll just in case you catch a ramp and carry the green!

Another new box is right of the original front box where a nice tailwind could present an opportunity to drive the green.  This big A1 finds the cup!

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