Agave Ranch — Hole #14: Par 4

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From the right box, you can either use a tee to hit over the cactii (clubbing down and hitting hard is always good to maximize elevation and minimize chance of hitting anything), or you can club up a bit and play a small hook around the right side of the cactii into the green, like this great driver with bite to a left pin.

The left tee box offers a straighter look into the green where you can hit a medium tee and just worry about trying to get it close to the hole!  Here’s a 4-wood punched straight ahead to a right pin.  With some looks where the wind is blowing left or the pin is on the right, you still might want to high tee to play out right a bit over the cactii.

There’s a new tee box front-center of the original ones where you need to curve around the right side with something like an 8-wood — check out this great hole-in-one.

Another new box is back-center from about 290 yards where you mostly go over the hill with a high tee, although you can also play a small cut around the left side.

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