Agave Ranch — Hole #15: Par 5

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With a huge wind, you might consider taking a shot at the green with a huge C3, as this one can be drivable…this one almost got there!  Even an A1 can be an option to try, but there’s more trouble on that side if you don’t have a lob wedge or something to flop over the hill if you fall off the right.

Usually you’re hitting a big A1 off the tee curving back into the fairway (or even just a straight B2) to leave yourself around 200 or so into the green…the farther you hit, the less hill you’ll have in the way.  Here’s a hole-out from the fairway.

With one new tee box, this one is slightly more drivable with a great wind…check out this high-teed 10.5 driver that finds the hole!

Another new box is right of the original right box where you’re likely to lay up in the fairway as usual.

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  1. With a monster outwind and front box if you can clear the mound you can bounce down the backside and end up on the green.

    The strip on the left is also playable but is rough.

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