Agave Ranch — Hole #18: Par 4/5

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Sometimes this hole can set up pretty darn tough, but often it’s not too bad for an 18th hole.  You’ll size up the wind and pin placement and then see if you’re able to drive out to the second fairway, from where you’ll be shooting downhill into this down-sloped green.  A 3-hybrid is often a good club from there to minimize loft and control the wind.  But loft be damned, check out this 8-wood cut right into the hole!

You don’t always want or need to be up there, though, because there’s something to be said for shooting into a straight down-10 green instead of like a left 8, down 7 green from the upper-left fairway.  So at the end of the first fairway, it’s usually a 3-wood with backspin that will carry the wall in front of the green and stick for an eagle putt.

Here’s a 4-wood that dunks in the hole for the ultra shot!

It can be hard to get close to the pin here, which leaves you with a very challenging putt to finish off your round!

There’s a new tee box in the front left that makes this a drivable par 4 instead — check out this ace!

Another new box is front-right from about 320 yards where it’s also a par 4.

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  1. If you cant easily make the second fairway go to the end of the first for a 3wd second shot.

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