Agave Ranch — Hole #7: Par 5

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Perhaps the best, most consistent look off the tee is to turn way right of the green and play out to the grassy area that is actually desert turf, which plays like the first cut of the fairway.  Playing out to the end here means a clearer approach shot into the green where you can take advantage of backspin if needed.

You can also blast over this turf into the sand for a level approach with a wood.

Another enticing option off the tee is to blast straight ahead into the sand between the hills, which leaves an open approach…here’s a driver hole-out from there.  However, sometimes you can hit little rocks or things there causing bad bounces.

Finally, from the front boxes, you can go the traditional route and play far down the left main fairway to have an open approach.

One new box is even farther front-left where the best play is the left fairway.

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  1. Short of the sand traps and a bit left of where the picture is aimed will leave you about 300-320 for a mostly straight second.

    Turning right about 3-4 times can leave you a 5wd from 280 but beware the mound you need to clear.

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