Beals Creek — Hole #4: Par 5

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With most setups, you can blast over the water to the left side of the second fairway for a clear approach.  Even being in the rough here is fine and will leave your club with enough distance to get there.

With really bad setups, you might want to read the pin placement.  Laying up to the left side of the first fairway is fine if the pin is on the left.

If the pin is tucked on the right, you may want to consider laying up to the right side of first fairway for 350-yard A1 second shot instead.

One new tee box is back-right where you may not be able to reach the second fairway.  Options include the rough area in the center of the water, the fairway strip behind the sand to the left of that, and the narrow fairway to the right…it’s going to be a very difficult eagle with this setup!

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  1. This Bear Lodge hole 5 remake plays the same.
    Hit it over to the second part to make it easy.
    Or laying up far right of first fairway will give you about 350 for an A1 second shot.

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