Beals Creek — Hole #7: Par 5

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From the back-right box, you should always be hitting a high-teed 10.5 driver with a full A1 into the second fairway…the combination of distance and elevation takes any trouble from trees or water out of play.

From the other two tee boxes, you’re just blasting your drive out into the second fairway however you like best.  No reason not to have a decent approach shot for eagle here.

Here’s a hole-out from the second fairway.

There’s a new tee box in the center of the original three where you can always hit ahead into the center of the second fairway.

Another new tee box is way up left from only 300+ yards where this par 5 is drivable, usually with a high tee over the top straight at it!  Here’s an ace with the 3-wood.

There’s a longer new box as well where can sometimes drive it with a high 10.5 driver.

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