Catedrais Beach — Hole 13: Par 3

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You can get some downright nasty setups here, because the wind is strong, you have to play a lofted club, and the green is tiered.  It’s great to get creative with low tees and cut shots to fight that wind and practice your shot-making.

From the left and back boxes, it’s a bit easier because it slopes straight down.  Here’s a dunk from the back-center box to a back pin.

From the right box, it’s a tougher shot because it slopes right, which is just one more variable to counteract.

One new box here is from the other side of the water into an up 7 green from about 150 yards…here’s a 6-iron ace from there.

Another new box is from 130 yards into an up 5 left 4 green.

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