Crawdad Swamp — Hole #15: Par 4

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The easier tee box is further from the green on the right side. If you’re on the left side of this box, use a high tee and wrap it around the right side of the trees into the green.

From the right side of this box, it might just be straight over with a high 6W at the green.

By far, the tougher box is front-left, which can be anything from a 9H to an 8.5 driver. From the left 2/3 of the box, consider cutting a low-teed 0H through the trees…find a gap and try to hop through the bunker if needed onto the green. Just remember that there is a stream of water short! This 0H was cut down perfectly through the trees to find a back pin. This 1-bird clips the tree but amazingly rolls up out of the sand into the cup!

You can also cut down an 8.5 driver and clip a tree on purpose, but those trees also have branches that can knock it down. From the left box, here’s an incredible low-teed driver that catches the tree to slow it just enough on its way to the cup!

If you’re all the way at the back-left, you can turn left two times and play a high 8W at the green through a gap.

If there’s a left wind, you can turn right and play a high 8W C3 shot to green.

From the front-third of the box, you can still play a 0H through the trees, but you can also play high-lofted, high-teed hybrids such as the 7H or 9H by turning right and playing a C3 shot into the green.

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