Pembroke Links — Hole #12: Par 5

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It’s always worth a look to see if you can reach the second fairway out left, which offers an easier approach that is less uphill.  However, it’s not worth attempting if you aren’t positive you can make it.

A great option there every time is to hit something like a 6W to the left-center fairway area…there’s a sand trap diving this into two parts, and I love to be on the right portion.  Aim to land the first half here and use bite to settle…it slopes down into the rough so you have to be careful not to go too far!  But after sticking this area, it’s a really nice uphill shot with a 4W or so into the green where the rough can help a shot with backspin settle by the hole.

Finally, you can play the short-right fairway…hitting out to the end here also leaves you with a wood approach into the green, but it’s not quite as good an angle as from the other fairways.

There’s a new box back-right that might eliminate the second far fairway as an option.

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  1. End of the first fairway, right of the sand on middle fairway, or blast driver A1 to the end fairway leaves a wood second shot to the green.

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