Sandhill Woods — Hole #10: Par 4

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The shot here is clear; you’ll be wrapping around the trees into the green.  Most of the time you hit around the right side, although some setups favor the left.  Pin placement can matter too, as you prefer to have some landing area on the green on the way to the stick.  Obviously long is the bail out spot as you can’t be short, or even off center with water on the sides!

From the front box, here’s an easy 5W with bite around the right side.

One new tee box here is way off to the right of the sand, taking the trees out of play and offering a straight shot from about 300 yards into the green.  Here’s a driver ace from there.

Another new box is just left of the original boxes, where you work a shot around the left of the trees into the green.  But check out this driver that punches through the trees to settle on the green.  And this one is even better as it drops in for the ace!

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