Sandhill Woods — Hole #12: Par 5

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From the front box, you’ll have enough to carry out into the second fairway, aiming to be clear of the tree lines for an open shot at the green.

From the middle box, you can usually clear to the second fairway also by blasting a high tee.  You should aim just over the water to the closest spot to you from that second fairway.

If that’s uncomfortable, you can lay up at the end of the first fairway.  From here, you can still curve around into the green with a 3W or driver; it’s just a tougher shot.  And there’s water short and right guarding your approach, which has you tend to club up and backspin in from the back of the green.  This 3-wood sneaks around the right side to a right pin.  And this 0-bird gets a friendly water skip to find the cup!

From the back box, the second fairway is still the best choice, and the end of the first is still an option.  But there are other risk/reward candidates as well.  If you aim at the green, you’ll see a line of trees short right and another one longer left.  Each of these has a strip of rough by the water that, if landed, present an open approach into the green.  They’re just really hard to hit!  The pin placement can also determine if it’s worth it.  With a right pin, the first fairway is still the better option.  But with a left pin, that’s where the straight approach in from the left can be handy.

The better strip to be is the one longer left.  You can get there with a high-teed 290 driver.  From there, here’s a nice hole-out for double eagle.

One new tee box here is in front of the original front-left box from only about 380 yards away…it appears as if you could curve an A1 driver around the left side over the trees at the green!  Even if not, playing up the left side in the rough is a good layup area to come in for eagle.

Another new tee box is in the far back where you have to hit a firm driver just to get to the end of the first fairway out right for a difficult approach.

A third new box is front-left of the original front-left box also making this hole drivable around the left side!  Check out this awesome A1 drive that finds the hole!  Here’s another ace with the 3-wood.

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  1. To the left of where the picture is aimed is playable. And sometimes the easier shot to get there in two.
    Landing the rough strip is nicer second but not necessary.
    If you’re in the brown stuff you’ll have a 3wd-driver second if there’s not a tree blocking you.

  2. As long as there isn’t a strong cross wind, I am finding the same landing area low tee with a driver, makes for a great second shot.

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