Sandhill Woods — Hole #6: Par 4

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Here’s another tough hole where the shot you choose will vary widely based on the conditions…you’ll play high/low tees, and maybe even a low 0H skip shot if you have that in your bag.

From the front-right box, you might be able to get a high-teed 9W over the top straight at the green, but that’s not a club that many of us will have in our bag on this course.  A high 8W does not clear the trees.  However, you can cut the corner a bit with a high 8W around the left side and finesse one into the green…here’s a nice ace to a front pin.

Also, check out this driver thumb shot through the trees with the right distance to settle on the green.  Here’s another one with the 3-wood that backspins into the cup!

The center boxes are often a 5/6W where you tee up or down accordingly and work your way past the trees on the left and around the trees on the right into the green.  High-teed 8/9-woods are options here too, especially with a tailwind, to go right over the top!

From the left-center box, here’s a 6-wood thumbed at it with a cross-wind helping push it in the hole.  Check out this low-teed 0-hybrid that skips the water and finds the hole!  And finally, here’s an amazing high-teed 6W that goes over and around the right side of the trees for the dunk!

And from the right-center box, this 6-wood curls around and spins back to a front pin.

It doesn’t appear as if the back-left box is in play yet.

One new tee box here is in the back-right, where you can float a high-teed 5W around the left side into the green, or try to skip a 0H off the water into the green as well.  With a back-pin, this high 3W finds the hole.

Another new tee box here is to the right of the second box, where there are a couple options.  With a good wind, you can carry a high 8W over the trees into the green.  It also looks like you can work a 2I under/through the trees to the green with other looks.  Finally, you can turn left and work a wood over the trees into the green.

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  1. 6 wood around the trees is the shot

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