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Here are some early screenshots of the course!  Here is the official preview of the new 2021 Argentina course.

Until you see it—until you feel it—you will not believe that Monte Zeballos is real. You cannot comprehend elevation changes this magnificent. The kind of moments where your golf ball will flutter in the air so long it starts to look almost weightless. In the southern tip of Argentina, where the Andes Mountains rule, is a course that puts the location’s thrilling attributes to use. Never have we seen something quite like—a gargantuan roller coaster of a round. If you fear heights, well, your scorecard will likely showcase as such. But for those seeking a rush, they know where to find it.“

Here is a 6-hole preview and discussion from the Golden Tee lounge!  And here are the next 6 holes.

GT Par is most commonly -xx to -yy here, with the dependent setups on #a and #b.

This post contains tips, tricks, and information related to the 2021 Golden Tee course Monte Zeballos! Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

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