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As in real golf, most guys like to show off their long drives on Golden Tee. It’s usually beneficial to be able to crank out a long drive, because that may make the difference in whether or not you can reach that par 5 green in 2 shots. But as the game has evolved, driving accuracy has become immensely important as well. This section contains some tips to help make sure you always leave yourself a good, open second shot.

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  1. Driving the ball as fall as it will go off the tee isn”t always the best solution. While using the FTX clubs, I like to use the 4-2-6 strategy. As in laying up for the 4W, 2 iron or 6 iron. If done correctly, I’ll get to use one of those clubs. Should I miss the perfect lay up, I can adjust to a different club with a minimal amount of change in clubs. This works best when laying up for the 6 iron as you can go up to the 5 iron or down to the 7 iron with minimal club change. The FTX clubs don’t have a 4 iron, thus it’s troublesome to land in that range. Also, getting closer than the 7 iron, the gaps between clubs also become too large, leaving for long putts that can be missed more often.

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