Line yourself up for your approach shot

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I hear this from more and more guys, and it’s something I need to start working on more. The Golden Tee concept here is to take the wind direction and pin placement into consideration before cranking out your drive on an unreachable par 4. You want to put yourself in the best position you can to stick your upcoming approach shot by the stick. So, the tip here is to try to give yourself as much green to work with as you can, and try to position your drive so that you have as little side-wind as possible. Having an approach shot in Golden Tee with very little side wind and green to work with greatly increases your chances of leaving with a tap-in birdie, not to mention giving you a better shot at holing out!

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  1. I’m no pro by any stretch, but I try to line up my approach with the wind if at all possible as well. It helps for sure!! I don’t know if this is very smart or not, but I have been laying up on certain holes lately trying to leave a perfect low iron. The lower irons aren’t affected by the wind so much so I think it’s a little easier. Also if you manage to stick one or even hole out the Greatest shot points are much more and helps to break ties playing Live.

    Just my 2cents………..

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