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The first step on any hole in Golden Tee is to figure out how you’re going to get to the green. Be creative! Driving down the middle of the fairway is not always the way to get you to the green in the least number of strokes.

On Par 4s, an important tip is to always check to see if there’s any way to reach the green with your drive. Maybe you can hook the ball around those trees, maybe you can hit over that building that looks too tall, or maybe all it takes is a good, accurate shot into a reachable green surrounded by water. If you determine that it’s possible to reach the green on your drive, the next decision should be whether or not you want to go for it! How aggressive or conservative are you feeling? There are times in Golden Tee to lay up and times to go for it, but those depend on your current situation!

On Par 5s in Golden Tee, you’re looking to see where you can drive the ball so that you can reach the green on your second shot. Sometimes you just can’t, but often times you can. Maybe you have to land the ball on a little island, maybe you have to hit off into the sand, maybe you have to land it in an area where your next shot will thread the needle between some mountains, or maybe you just need an extra long drive to clear that second lake. Again, use your imagination, and then figure out if it’s worth the risk! If you’re curious, give it a shot – you won’t know until you try! Better yet, tell your buddy to tee off before you to go for it!

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  1. A perfectly placed C-3 or A-1 with the right wind condition will skip the ball off the top of the water (1 skip only) to get to the other side or the green. I’m not sure, but I think this only works off the tee. Works with or without roll and backspin. Use roll if you want a super long shot and backspin if you’re heading onto the green right away to keep from rolling off the back side.

  2. what are the courses and holes when you can skip the water, i have seen and done it one time but cant remember the courses

  3. Just scroll through the hole-by-hole writeups for each course and you can find the opportunities!

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