Drivable Par 5s in Golden Tee LIVE

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It’s one of the ultimate features of excitement in the game — the opportunity to drive the green on a par 5 and put up a -3 on a single hole.  Better yet, some of us have had the pleasure of checking a Super Albatross off our list…the ultimate YouTube moment!  The designers at Golden Tee know that players love the opportunity, so we’ve seen the number of drivable par 5s increase in recent years, allowing players to shoot new personal bests and build their love for the game.

Later this year, Golden Tee is planning to have a Freaky Friday daily contest that features all the drivable Par 5s…it’ll be called something like “Break the Scorecard”.  In anticipation of that event, here’s a list of all the potential holes that could be featured on that special course offering!

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