Excitement for Golden Tee 2012!

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Golden Tee 2012 is here!  Check out the 2012 Courses category for more on each course, but this article will focus on what’s new in the upcoming release!

First, we know that we now have a third option for ball spin.  We know how to use backspin and roll, but now we’ve been given a third tool to help us master approach shots into the green, and that’s BITE.  Bite essentially causes your ball to stop and settle once it hits the ground.  This can be incredibly useful on tough, hard-sloping greens where backspin and roll would otherwise not give you a chance to stick it close.  Click here to read more about bite.

Next, we know there will be new club sets.  We’ve already seen the “Thor” and “Peregrine” sets featured in the previews, and there are surely more to come.  It will be a while before we know what clubs are featured in these sets and what clubs are best to use for each of the new courses!

The next piece of info dropped is that the penalties for going water or OB off the tee when trying to reach the green, especially on par 4s, will be just like real golf — you’ll be put back on the tee!  It will make you think twice before being aggressive, or it will at least cause you to bail out to a safe spot.

GTF has paired up with a generous member of the GT community to bring you a demo video of all 90 holes in Golden Tee 2012!  Check out the hole-by-hole posts for each course to see a demo of each hole.  Huge spoiler!

And as if 5 new courses weren’t enough, Golden Tee has announced that all 35 Live courses, going back to the 2006 edition, will be available for you to play every time you start up a new game!  In prior years, the vendor chose which classic courses were available for play, and you only got 5 of them.  Now you get them all!  To many, you’ll get to experience some of the older courses for the first time, which is very exciting!

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  1. I think them adding the bite was just wrong. Now the game will probably get too easy. What I do want to see in 2012 is a par 3 18th hole.

  2. For all the new things added, 4 things that still don’t exist that boggle the mind:

    1) I still have to push the Help button on the first hole to shut up Steve Sobe when I am playing Live with my card! I’ve played 100s of rounds with my card! It should know I don’t need advice on how to hit the ball. Duh!

    2) Still no lefty/righty option on players. Lame.

    3) Still no option to pull the flag.

    4) Still no intelligence to make players see-thru when shifting left or right on puts which causes the hole to be obscured. I don’t win and wear large hats for nothing! 🙂

    Sad IT. Sad.

  3. I`m with someone somewhere on #1. People who have cards now how to hit the ball. Also, when I hit a shot over water Jimmy says “that`s in the water” even when it is obvious it`s not going in the water. Fix that.

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